I’m feeling curious a google trick

These qualities of this trick make it more I’m feeling curious about a google trick that is both fun and a source of gaining interesting knowledge simultaneously. Google is a leading search engine known for its incredible, super cool features and ability to sense what the user wants to know. This search engine uses bots that crawl websites and rank those websites that will eventually help the end users, i.e., query searchers.

Besides having a massive user base, Google is also known for its cool tricks that users can use to get fantastic knowledge. Moreover, google shows those pages on the first page that are most related to users’ queries, but that isn’t always the case. In this article, I will share more interesting facts about this trick so keep reading till the end.

I’m feeling curious: a great solution to boredom

Sometimes you are completely exhausted and bored at the same time. In such cases, you may want to play with something that productively eliminates your boredom, and that’s when the famous google trick “I’m feeling curious” comes into play. But how?

When you type and search this query in the google search bar, it will show you results about facts that you might have never heard of; for example, google can show you the difference between earth and mars, the possibility of living on mars, and qualities of certain species that might blow your mind if you explore more about them.

Interesting as it will make you enjoy your time in a productive way by learning about things you might have never heard about before. Since Google is an intelligent search engine, there is a higher probability that the results it shows are utterly novel to you so that you can spend as much time as you have explored new and enticing things.

A perfect source of knowledge

I’m feeling curious trick is also a perfect way of gaining knowledge about random things you never knew before. The best thing is that you can use this knowledge in your professional life to excel, but how?

Let’s suppose you are an archaeologist; while using this trick, you may come across numerous results that relate to your field, and as you further go into this topic, google will understand your interests. Based on those interests, google will show you more interesting archaeology-related things. In this way, you can acquire tons of knowledge regarding your profession, and during an interview, you can recall that information and secure the position of an archaeologist.

The exact process applies to people of other professions and backgrounds, and every school child can benefit from it and deliver an excellent academic performance.

Final words

I’m feeling curious is one out of hundreds of other tricks offered by Google. Similarly, it’s a perfect way of gaining authentic random information that makes you curious. The most crucial thing that makes it different from other tricks is that google has officially announced the launch of this trick; unlike other tricks, that means it is of dire importance for both google and users.

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