How to delete an Instagram account

Instagram is a trendy photo and video-sharing social network. Still, sometimes it can become a bit immense, leading to the question of whether it is worthy of so many efforts. It is easy to get dragged into endless scrolling through amazing photos when the intentions are to spend just a few minutes. Obviously, there comes a time when you want to get detached from your Instagram, and maybe not just temporarily. More often, people are choosing to quit their social media life to live a life of their own. It may be due to your family, job, or less reach of your phone. This article is about how to delete an Instagram account, so let’s dive into it.

How to delete an Instagram account

Save your Data before deleting your Instagram account

Before saying goodbye or deleting your Instagram account permanently, it is advised to back up your Instagram data. You can’t access it later, and you may have precious photos, interactions, and friends. Whenever you delete your account, Instagram will delete your account and everything in it, including your photos, likes, etc. To download data from the Instagram account, the owner of the account should open the Settings menu, click Privacy and security, then Data download and Request download. A link to the content will be created and sent to the saved email address. Within 48 hours of your processing, you should receive an email with a link to your data, ‘Your Instagram Data’. Click ‘Download Data’ to download.

Now that you have downloaded your data, you are good to go with deleting your Instagram account.

How to delete account on Instagram

  1. Simply, Browse the “Delete your account page” on a mobile or PC browser.
  2. The page will ask you to log in if you aren’t already logged in.
  3. It will ask you to select a reason why you want to delete your Instagram account. Also, it will provide some solutions for you if pick any of them. Pick any of the reasons.
  4. Re-enter the password to go ahead.
  5. Click on the button “Delete [username]” to permanently delete the Instagram account. 

It takes 30 days to process the Instagram account deletion request offering some time for a change of mind. Your profile won’t be visible to others For this period but you can still access it.

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